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by Gaurav Sethi

Want to fix New Zealand? Import David Hussey as a part time spin option. The Kiwis never came to grips with Hussey or for that matter any Aussie who bowled slow. If Ojha is in town, and not sightseeing, India could use four overs from him in the next T20.

Unlike India’s trump spin card, he may even think of flight, attack, offstump lines. It’s tough at times telling if Pathan’s slower one was faster or Bhajji’s faster one was slower.

And while we're at it, why does Amit Mishra not play limited overs' cricket? Too much of a threat to Bhajji, oye?!

for the Kiwi mouthpieces: It's Ishant Sharma and not Ishant Patel. Ishant was Patel-ed for every ball he bowled, and he did bowl quite a few no-balls. Appears the Patels have got to the Kiwis, no wonder they don't play Jeetan Patel that often.

1 comment:

Aashrey said...

Hahaha, yeah I was laughing about the Patel thing too.. I thought maybe only once, but they kept doing it.