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3 days and 300 overs later

by Gaurav Sethi

On 3rd April, New Zealand host India in Wellington.

Be on the back of 300 overs bowled across 7 sessions.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame will be there too, among friends – the Kiwi bowlers.

If India win the toss and elect to bat, New Zealand will bowl to Gautam Gambhir again.

Can get a tad monotonous, doing the same stuff again and again and again

As if ten hours, forty two minutes wasn’t enough.


straight point said...

there is not justice in this world...NC...

after scoring 620 runs look which team is in bit of fix... :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

last time Vettori enforces the follow on, what a shame - for me that decison was wrapped in hope

raj said...

Well, what if Gautam is tired of all the self-denial and gifts his wicket cheap in the 3rd test first day? And Viru does his usual 22 0ff 13 balls and out? And Dravid says "Screw it, 3 50's and 100's I have done my deed for this series"
And Sachin says "If Dravid thinks thats enough, I have done more"
And Laxman just fails
And Yuvraj just remains himself and doesnt get any lucky breaks at all?

Just thinking aloud..dont be so smug BCCI, NZ may yet have the last laugh. If it ends up 1-1, there will be two disappointments for you to deal with - 1) The fact that India couldnt close the deal 2) The fact taht your smug predictions didnt come true!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Good stuff Raj, love the optimism.

Think Gambhir's done with the gifting, Viru's due, Dravid's out for a screw, and Sachin's got a big one cmg up. Tho Laxman's due for a failure too.

The opportunity's there, if not in Wellington then when