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Between the pillow and play

by Gaurav Sethi

As you wake up, before you wake the TV up, on the first morn', you're bound to do some calculations:

I had settled for NZL batting and outing themselves, 60/5. It was 10 mts before lunch then.

NZL was 56/5.

I had McCullum's wicket for bed tea.

Actually a four through slips before that.

And then the wicket.

And then Arun Lal.

And I'm writing this in my sleep.

Just as Lal and Charu Sharma speak in their sleep.

But the real fightback begins now, Ryder and Vettori still there.

I'm not. Back to the bunkers for lunch.

Cricket in NZL just doesn't make sense.


Soulberry said...

Lal is, how shall we say, an Indian cut clipped accent. I love his stiff upper lip as the words slip out beneath them...a right and propah English biscuit.

Gaurav Sethi said...

he worked in tea or was that his friend piyush pandey