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Damn these negative vibes.

by Gaurav Sethi

It’s been Giles B’day, and still is in parts of the world.

Only natural then that some of the negativity born on this day would spread to various corners of the cricketing world.

Australia played the dead rubber blues, and India got the blues in lieu of Sehwag’s run-out.

Two hours short of the 3rd day’s play, I’ve been infected by Giles negative lines.

Partly due to India’s score that’s one shy of the Kiwis.

Is there some voodoo in that?

Are we to have a reverse collapse, another 60/6 pre-lunch.

338 all out.

Not that hard to fathom. Knock either Sachin or Yuvi fast with that 10 over old-new ball and what do you got –

Jumpy MSD, and then the tail.

Which includes our own Chris Martin, Munaf Patel.

Put in 3 slips, 2 gullies, and go for the jugular – pitch it up, let it swing.

Let the weather move in from England.

And then India will rue, what could have been.

Six wickets on the first day before lunch.

Six wickets on the third -how far they take India, should decide the match.

Who knows, this test could go down as the “six for sixty” test match.

Then again, maybe it'll rain.

And that was written by Giles, not me.


Soulberry said...

Think it is Akmal and Karachi all over again?

Sachin's there...pray Yuvraj and Dhoni play with common sense.

I feel a double hundred in my Indian double hundred.

Gaurav Sethi said...

you called it sb, or rather yr bones did