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Does one good turn require another?

by Viswanathan

A Cricinfo report ‘Tendulkar's catch attracts controversy’ ends with an interesting inference.
Moles' disappointment could have to do with an incident earlier in the day, when Mahendra Singh Dhoni was given not out after the referral of another low catch that New Zealand claimed. Dhoni had cut low to the right of Jesse Ryder at gully, where he seemed to have pulled off a blinder, but after initial celebrations, he had indicated he was not sure. The replays showed the ball might not have carried and the benefit of the doubt prevailed.
Apparently, Moles and the New Zealand team are disappointed that India did not return their favour. If that is the case then it not the legality of catch it is the lack of reciprocity that is being questioned. Therefore it is Moles expectations that is controversial.


straight point said...

either dhoni's runs should be deducted...or tim should be allowed to bat what's the controversy in this...?



Gaurav Sethi said...

Ott, look out for this Moles' toon in the mail.

Anonymous said...

Just to stoke the fires a bit, I don't see why the legality of the catch shouldn't be questioned. Whether you think it was a fair catch or not, you have to admit that it was borderline, in which case the third umpire should have been consulted.

Surely as an Indian fan you would have been happier if the catch had been confirmed by the third umpire, or even that it had been turned down considering the fate of the match hardly depends on Tim McIntosh, then the current situation with Tendulkar's integrity being questioned.

Anyway, that last paragraph in the Cricinfo article is entirely the author's extrapolation and has nothing to do with Moles.

Anonymous said...

I for one think that Sachin should not have claimed that catch because we raised a lot of hell last year and abuse Ponting of almost evrything under the earth. Jrod in one of his blogpost gave the same argument that it was stupid of Kumble to have that absolutely idiotic agreement with Ponting in the firstplace. In that whole Monkey gate fiasco also most of the people were saying that if Sachin is saying that Bhajan said something else then we should believe him inspite of knowing for sure that Bhajji is a buffon most of the time. So this catch puts Sachin's integrity in question which we really don't want do we?