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India should win Test Series

by Bored Guest

No, I'm not saying this because the Nawab of Pataudi feels that way, I genuinely believe India can pull of a Test Series win in NZ.

First, it'll be great to see VVS and Dravid back, and I feel VVS is going to do well in NZ. He has the game for the NZ pitches. Sehwag, Dhoni, Gambhir and Sachin are all in form and have seen enough of the Kiwi bowling and pitches. Zaheer and Ishant are definitely going to be a factor on these pitches.

Dhoni's team will continue to rewrite history.

by Mohit Varma


Gaurav Sethi said...

appears to me gambhir's been shaken up a bit, gone is the assurance of the last year. seeing how gambhir and sehwag's form effects each other, take away the openers' form, and it will be a much weaker indian team.

you just don't mess with a hot opening pair, not even for sachin.

Anonymous said...

I've a feeling VVS is going to go horribly wrong. Remember how suddenly GRV went after one bad series. I have been marking down VVS for a similar fate - no second chance because of one horrible series. That could be this series.
Gambhir - the guy just makes up for everything else with determination so he might still succeeed though game-wise, he is handicapped in these pitches

It all depends on Sehwag I guess. On a green pitch, if he races to 90+, then India have a decent total to fight with assuming Sachin and Dravid can manage 30-40 each with skill and application.
I am waiting to see how Yuvraj copes - then again there might be a flat pitch and our man might cash and go about saying he succeeded where even Ganguly dada failed - in NZ.