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Jatman’s XI

by bored cricket crazy indians

Most days of test cricket start with little hints of what will be.

The day at Napier began with some skywriting “MSD backs out”.

Or Sehwag is skipper.

Now, if Mahi is a lucky captain, Viru is anything but that.

India still may not lose this test, but they should come darn close.

Closer than Yuvraj will come to catch one at slip.

Munaf did not survive the first day, on the second he may even regain his lost ODI form.

And Dinesh Karthik will continue to serve reminders why MSD is such a natural keeper.

But far more crucially, Sehwag, burdened by captaincy, might think and bat.

And to think, just the other day the Bored Members had a confab about the Jatman’s XI.

Without another thought, here’s the non-thinking man’s team:

The Jatman’s XI
1. Virender Sehwag (Captain)
2. Chris Gayle
3. Herschelle Gibbs
4. Kevin Pietersen
5. Andrew Symonds
6. Yuvraj Singh
7. Andrew Flintoff
8. Brad Haddin
9. Andre Nel
10. Harbhajan Singh
11. Sreesanth

12th Man:
Shahid Afridi

And when in the mood, Shoiab Akhtar will drop by for a few overs and sniffs

Mangaer: Niranjan Shah
Coach: Kapil Dev
Mentor: Greg Chappell
Bowling Coach: Jeff Thomson
Batting coach: Navjot Sidhu
Fielding Coach: situation vacant

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