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Rain stops in Wellington.

by Gaurav Sethi

First rain stopped play in Wellington. Then the rain stopped and play started. But then the rain started again, and play had to be stopped again. For the full effect of the Wellington ODI go back to the beginning of this post. Wear your raincoat while you’re at it.

Appears the rain has stopped in Wellington, and the players have sleep walked on to the field. To call it a mechanical one-dayer would be an understatement. To say, that the BCCI chose this itinerary, as they often do Chennai in the monsoon, is more accurate.

If you were up at 6.30 (IST), then both Sehwag and Sachin would have had the same effect on you: while Sehwag’s shots would have kept you awake, Sachin’s would have made you lose sleep.

And if you hit the sack after Sehwag was dismissed by umpire Watkin, you can ask what I’m asking: did Sachin accelerate to 60, or was that Sehwag who stayed back, swapped jerseys, and scored his runs.

Anyway looking forward to more T20 games.

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