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Who does John Coach?

by Bored Guest

Sri Lanka?

West Indies?


Ever wondered what to do when your team is on a winless streak, when you are struggling to beat a team you were expected to?

Ask the England captain Andrew Strauss and he will have this answer:

“Get the opposition coach to bat for you. I sincerely thank Mr Dyson (coach of the WI team) for giving us our first win after 13 consecutive winless internationals.”

In the first ODI, WI were chasing England’s 270 and the light was fading. Ramdin got out of the second ball of the 47th over, with WI at 244/7. The umpires decided to offer light to the batsmen and Dyson frantically waved his hands (with the D/L sheet in hand) to ask his batsmen in the middle to take the light and come back. He was certain WI were ahead and will win the match by D/L. Infact, WI were 1 run behind the par score and lost the match. WOW

Dyson later told:

"When it came down to that last wicket I didn't go across the column. I went down the wrong column. It's my responsibility, that's it. I've apologized to the team, that's all I can do. It was a bad mistake."

Well, Mr Dyson, I did not know it was that tough to read a sheet of paper with rows and columns. Anyway England are not complaining. Strauss knew all along that they were ahead and happily walked off the field. They got their first win of the tour courtesy Mr Dyson.

Just for info: England lost the next ODI too and the series is now 1-1. 3rd ODI is to be held today. Earlier, England lost the test series 0-1 with other 4 matches drawn.

This extraordinary blunder brought back memories of the infamous match between Srilanka and South Africa in 2003 World Cup. SA needed a win to stand a chance of making Super Six. They were chasing and rain came. Sensing that play would be called of at the end of the over, SA dressing room asked Boucher and Klusener to block last 3 balls of over as according to them they were ahead of D/L by 1 run.

What they didn’t realize was that D/L sheet had the par score(the score to tie the match). The match was tied. SA were ousted from the World Cup and rest is HISTORY.

by Vyom

Bored Joke: To take the piss as a coach, your first name should be John. Ask John Wright, John Dyson, John Buchanan, John Chappell.


Ankit Poddar said...


i guess, it is only befitting that i start with the comments..

welcome to bored, bro!

and yeah, who does john really coach?!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Welcome on Bored Vyom!

I still can't get that look on Gayle's face outta my mind. And his comment, i'm not gonna kill him.

Vyom said...

my pleasure to be a part of bored.

Who does John Coach? Well apparently, he has gone back to coaching WI again after the first ODI.
England have lost the 3rd ODI too.
I think Dyson was generous enough to gift England something for coming down to WI and play.

Vyom said...

naked cricket

yaa Gayle's comment was very amusing.
But still what happened begs a question: Did Gayle not even see the D/L sheet before the players came off.
Isnt he also supposed to check once when the match is there to be won or lost? After all, he is the captain of the side

straight point said...

welcome on bored the age of john's :)

yes NC...if ever i will make a bollywood movie...i will cast him as my mail villain...that look was chilling...

and the dialogue...i will not kill him...the best line our villains would ever say...