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Adding to the Compelling arguments

by A Bisht

I too think that the Fake is not a cricketer. He (Definitely not a She) is a person who is in constant touch with the cricketing fraternity-- A person who has been jibed at by some of the persons who he tries to put as unmanly.

Ya I think there’s definitely some grudge angle to all the Fake revelations.

Let I clarify.

In one of his earliest posts, he calls a person a Paedophile.

And the question is why will he choose to call the person a paedophile?

Some people do call the man in question a pink glove wearing gentleman, but a paedophile is a little bit un-conforming.

So what can be the reason for choosing such a tag?

It may be that the person condemned as paedo has questioned Fake's masculinity at some point of time. And unable to take revenge at that time, Fake has chosen to settle scores this way.

If you analyse the Fake posts further, you’ll find that he is trying to project himself extra manly. And he unconsciously shows it every time he writes.

And calling the ladies involved with the IPL open to amorous liaisons are just attention shifters.

I think Fake in real is a guy, who is trying to spread malice(and has some very strong reasons to justify his act), from behind the veil.

I think one can safely rule out the marketing angle, as he's not going to gain anything from this endeavour; except for the satisfaction.

Otherwise, why will someone risk so much...

As K said, I think it's time to move on, and leave the Fake effort die on its own. Spreading malice can never become admirable.


Damith S. said...

he is pretty fucken funny though

Gaurav Sethi said...

AB, this is some tangent.

Anonymous said...

KKR team , any team , any player he def ain't...a damn good read he def is :-) - Phat Strawberry