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Bored encouragement of the day

by RajaB

3rd test, India - New Zealand at Wellington, Day 4

New Zealand second innings
Score: 152 - 4
On crease: James Franklin & Ross Taylor (non striker)
Facing: Virender "Jatman" Sehwag & Simon Taufel (the umpire)

One of the 3 F's (we would come to this later) of Viru's offspinners pitches right on the middle stump of the left handed Franklin to be uncomfortably defended down.

Mahendra Dhoni "Lagega, Lagega... Paair mein lagega... Simon dega !!"

One of the most optimistic "appealing" Indian captains (wicketkeepers) one has seen in a long time.

Now to the Jatman's 3 F's. Viru's bowling is as uncomplicated as his batting. If you notice, Viru has only 3 variations of his offies (unless Arun Lal or Sanjay Manjrekar comment while he's bowling and discover the next variation for Viru... For example they might call a ball skidding wide down the leg a "Jat-ish" delivery !!).

The 3 F's are Flatish, Floated & Fastish. Correct me if you thought Viru has other variations of his offspinners.


Ravi Gaur said...

Hahaha...Yes I agree...though I'd like to add that Virus bowling alone is more valuable to Indian cricket than Arun 'Who the %$#^ is he?' Lals entire career!

straight point said...

there is another variation in which batsman thinks he is bowling but he simply rolls the arm over...

now what will be the name of this variation...

Faltoo? ;-))

Gaurav Sethi said...

Ravi, harsh words for a soft man!

Raja, he's still better than the pie chucker - but then blokes like Yuvi, Samuels (till he was chucked out), Gayle, afridi, and bhajji, bowl the slower ones in between their military medium spin.

RajaB said...

NC... Think you've got me wrong. I would never club Sehwag in the pie chuckers anonymous... He's a far better bowler than most of the names you have mentioned.

One of the two things he lacks is opportunity to roll his arm over frequently and add to his repertoire of 3 F's and the other, brain !!