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Bored Question

by RajaB

Today is when the second phase of the Indian general election happens. One of the most important states, for Indian cricket (today*) goes for its final phase of polling today (6 constituencies of Jharkhand went to polls during the first phase on 16.04.2009).

Ranchi, the home town of Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the state of Jharkhand is voting today to elect their representative. A while back, there was a huge hue and cry about Mahi's family not featuring on the electoral rolls, and how important it is for the captain & his family to exercise their franchise. After the family was shown waving their ration cards / ID's fanatically on national TV, the state election commision came out with a release stating that Mahi's family has been included in the rolls and they can vote.

The question now is... Is the captain exercising his franchise today or is he exercising with his franchise in SA ?

Well my answer is...

He might have already sent a proxy as he did for the Padma awards. The captain has a match to play this evening.

So what do you think?

* Who knows about tomorrow !? The Indian cricket team might join the revolution and get 14-16 captains !!

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