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Cricketers in "Election 2009"

by K

Since election fever is on in the world's largest democracy, thought it's worth mentioning that five former Indian cricketers have entered the political fray and are vying for seats in the Lok Sabha.

Let's begin with former captain Azharuddin who makes his electoral debut. The wristy Hyderabadi will be playing on an unfamiliar wicket - Moradabad, UP. Remains to be seen whether it would be as easy winning over the electorate as it was playing those leg glances, flicks and late cuts for Azza. Wonder how he'll communicate with his audience as it was always hard to follow what he said. His mumbling might just confuse the electorate, divide the votes and finally lead to his victory.

The eloquent Navjot "Oye Guru" Sidhu will be out to taunt his opponents in Amritsar, Punjab (just like he taunted Warnie in the winter of 98), seeking a second straight victory in the general elections. I was in Amritsar recently and saw huge hoardings of "Sherry" with some bold statements and claims that looked very impressive. The king of gimmicks took everyone by surprise when he went to file his nomination papers, riding an elephant. Isn't the elephant a rival party's symbol? More confusion for the voters....

Well, Chetan Sharma for sure is in the elephant's camp as he looks to get first time lucky in Faridabad, Haryana. The message from Madam M is loud and clear: Chetan, please no full toss this time around... we need a hat-trick instead.

Two-time MP Chetan Chauhan, the other 'Chetan' in the electoral fray, always played second fiddle to Sunny and was unfortunate to have never scored a century in his illustrious career. But East Delhi voters might just provide him an opportunity to redeem himself.

World Cup winner Kirti Azad is one former cricketer who has a lot going for him in Election 2009. He has the experience and is also batting on his home ground - Darbhanga, Bihar. The articulate all-rounder lost the last election five years back but he's sure to give it his all this time around since he knows that every run (seat) counts when the target is a mammoth 272.

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