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Do you want to know who the Fake IPL Player is?

by bored cricket crazy indians

With great knowledge comes great responsibility. Here we are sitting on the identity of the Fake IPL Player. It’s something you want to blurt out, blow the whistle on, yet at the same time you know it sucks.

It’s not about the wrong or right thing here. More like, do you want to end the joyride? Killjoy Bhattacharya who called him ‘poison pen’ would love to.

But what will we get by revealing who the Fake IPL Player is? Guess deep down you all want to know – is he a KKR player, is he even a player, is he SRK’s idea, is he a journo, is he a blogger, is he a creative type, is he even in South Africa, is he in Calcutta or is he in Mumbai?

Think we know where you are Fake. Think you know we know where you are Fake. Should we start with a few hints? Have we already said too much?

Are we playing with you Fake? Just like you’re playing with us? Or the KKR guys?

Oh, does that eliminate a KKR insider. Is this another red herring, looks like we’ve been reading too much of your stuff.

What do you think guys, should we little by little, bit by bit, start stripping the seven veils of Fake? Or do it straight on, give you his good name, his good Bengali name?

This is crazy, sitting on fake’s identity. Now we know what it feels like Fake.Tell us what you think, it’ll make our decision a lot easier.


Soviet Capitalist said...

J.J. Abrams on the Magic of Mystery

Aravindan said...

Don't reveal who he is. We don't want to kill the fun so soon.
And its not wise enough to reveal the person, when he himself has given us all the hints for us to guess who he is.
So for the time being, lets keep guessing and not reveal :P

Amy said...

I swear, I don't know what to believe anymore. You bored folk aren't masters at spin, are you?

IPL Anonymous said...

Hahaha ;)

Q said...

So Im a bit confused here...

Is fake really writing for BCC! or is it just one of us?

Is fake actually one of us? Is it you Som?

Did fake really comment on BCC! or did one of us do it?

whats going on?