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Q Moment of IPL Match #5

by Q

I so wanted this one to be about KP vs Freddie, but that was not to be even though KP bowled a few to Freddie, while Murali denied Freddie that chance.

So my moment of the match then.

10th over of the Super Kings' innings.

Hayden and Patel going great guns.

100 up before the mid point of the innings.

The 7.5 minute tacitical whactical is a couple of balls away.

Camera points to KP.

KP is warming up getting ready to bowl!

Didn't anyone tell him he won't get the ball till 7.5 minutes later?


Gaurav Sethi said...

KP's a slow learner

achettup said...

Give him a break guys... oh wait he got one, 7.5 minutes long.

Q said...

That warm up got him a wicket on his first ball after the break!