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Who's your daddy?

by Gaurav Sethi

It’s part of coaching lore that each Indian batsman is assigned a bowler as his batting student. Word is that Sachin’s boy is Bhajji, and VVS’ lad is Zaks. Going by the cuts and grins today, Viru’s kid has to be Munna. Begs the question, who’s Yuvraj’s daddy?

When India bats, as they did today, you can start your TV vigil with Viru, and wrap it up with Munna. In between there will be Dravid’s shift, and the usual Bhajji pyrotechnics, but the real madness is either side of midnight. You be insane to miss it.


Som said...

I think a cell was take out of Yuvi's own cell to create the buffoon. Yuvi fathered himself and it has nothing to do with biology.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Perfectly scientific explanation for a stupid cliché which goes as -yuvraj is his own biggest enemy