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Chotu: 2.4-0-15-4

by Gaurav Sethi

Delhi's first IPL game last season v the Royals, I watched with my cricket yaar, Rajat. And there on the field was Chotu, Rajat Bhatia, doing his thing. Is he too small to be taken seriously, even at 29? But that's the deal with the Daredevils, they consist of many chotus, mostly batsmen. Where does the real Chotu, Bhatia, fall in place then - he's not a spinner, nor a quick, he has a first class avergae of 46 of 55 games, and 64 wickets @ 25 - he along with guys like Mithun Manhas, make me feel damn good about the IPL. Shine on, little stars. I'm watching over you.

picture: cricinfo

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