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Cricket, Life, Art.

by bored cricket crazy indians

In reaction to Michael Vaughan's painting

Reminds me of throwing water balloons for target practice for Holi ! Lovely sir, after combining cricket and films, its time someone mashed up cricket and art. Nowadays it would mean videos, installations- imagine a big bowl served with red scoop of ice-cream and a spoon like a bat or colourful chess pieces on a green and white chess board- limitless metaphors possible. Even a philosophical XI is possible- how we bat to all the balls destiny throws at us or how as a bunch we trap the game. Cricket, Life, Art its time the art galleries and seminar halls were flooded. Why leave out theatre, no good plays yet written on what happens hidden from the public eye- fake IPL player could be approached! If Madonna can inspire a 100 PhD's how come no one is writing the sociology, semiotics of the gentleman's ( now gali gali mein shor hai,bina kirkit duniya bore hai ) game!!!

by Sunny Narang

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