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Don’t fck around with my cricket

by Bored Guest

The IPL is getting on my nerves. Well, I still watch every match. Heck, I even watch the ICL.

But the point is that over commercialization is making it more entertainment than sport. I'd prefer cricket being a sport, be it t20, one dayers, tests or Hong Kong super sixes. Don’t fck around with something that people like me and a few million others consider their staff of life!

I cringe every time the commentator calls a six a DLF Maximum
Every catch, boundary, stumping, is a fckn citi moment of success…...
The effect on the game notwithstanding,
Why the fck does there have to be a tactical timeout.
Everyone sees right through that marketing gimmick
The players are sitting in dugouts near the boundary, the sweepers can carry whatever message to the fielding side,

If you look closely Mr. Modi,
There are players from different countries playing out there.
And a lot of them are playing with the same intensity that they play for their countries
THAT in itself is enough advertisement I believe.

And yes, I’ve had enough of the Set Max crew.
Shut the fck up, idiots…. You don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

by Prafs


Gaurav Sethi said...

Welcome on Bored Praful.

Can't believe you're still hassled with those IPL anomalies - suggest you try the mute button.

straight point said...

kya praful bhai...itna gussa hoke dekhoge toh cricket bhi bura lageyga...

pRAFs said...

thanks NC. pls do get my name corrected at the end of the post

dost cricket to life hai yaar,
but these idiots want to make our sport look like a circus.
don't you hate it too?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Name corrected to Prafs?
What's with yr blog, it's not online?

pRAFs said...

yup mate,
please correct it to either prafs
or praful

About the blog,
it'll be back in a few weeks.
need to set some things right