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Gilchrist onslaught - A bad dream

by K

Hi guys. Have not posted in the last two days cos I have been feeling the after-effects of the Gilchrist onslaught. I was devastated after the southpaw dished out his Hyderabadi biryani on Friday to eliminate my side.

But I have now regained my mental balance after a favourable result in the second semi-final. Thank god Chennai is out otherwise that irritating colleague of mine (Super Kings supporter) would have laughed his guts out at my expense when I rejoined office on Monday. This irritating fellow is the only reason why i'll never support Chennai. Now I can take a few digs at him.

I love to watch Gilchrist, Gibbs, Symonds and Rohit Sharma in full flow but I hope the Royal Challengers come up with the goods today as I want to see our veterans Kumble and Dravid lift the trophy.


straight point said...

me too...have predicted the brc for trophy in bored game...

what a sight it will be...kumble and dravid lifting the trophy after all the hell they (specially dravid) were subjected to...

Viswanathan said...

If BRC wins it will be a poor advertisement for Twenty20 cricket. They are dullards and are winning only because of sluggish pitch and opposition.

Hope they flounder under a Gilly onslaught.:)

raj said...

Well, Ottayan. Deccan Chargers havent been models of consistency or brilliance themselves. Two points thanks to Mortaza. Remember that. They may not even have been in the Semis without that.

Anyway, they are going to win, that's for sure. Bangalore lack the x-factor.
It's going to be an Australian captain lifting the IPL trophy,t his year, too