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Homer's moment of the match #54

by Homer

9.5 Sreesanth to Dhoni, OUT, superb yorker!! Dhoni was totally done in by the inswinger, bowled in the high 140's, he was surprised by the pace, failed to bring his bat down in time and the offstump was pegged back. Punjab have the advantage now

MS Dhoni b Sreesanth 2 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Is there ever a better sight in cricket than an inswinging yorker honing on the stumps and the batsman late with his shot?


Q said...

Nope there isn't but there is a better sight than Sreesanth celebrating a wicket.. god save us!

Homer said...


Celebrations are over rated :)


Q said...

Yeah.. but Sree told us why he went on that victory lap:

"I have never bowled Dhoni in my life even in the nets when I used to play for India, I used to try and he picks the yorkers really well so it was a dream come true for me"..

He said that!

Yuvi PA?

He calls Yuvraj, Yuvi Pa.. daddy?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Pa would be short for Yuvi Paaji, is like elder bro. Kapil Paaji has been quite common, as is Sidhu paaji, even heard Sachin Paaji

Yenjie said...

I am always mystified by the catch all use of Paaji in the Indian dressing room. A legacy from Kapil's time I guess. In UP and the Urdu-Hindi belt of North India, Paaji is a gaali, so I guess its a dual use word. The correct Punjabi term anyway is "praaji".

raj said...

Q, Sreesanth's celebrations were quite fortunate - in that, he ran away from the scene - the usual sreesanth would have spat gaalis in Dhoni's face. So, this is actuall a better celebration from him :-)

Q said...

Raj: the marathon looked like a football goal celebration.. also reminded me of Aqib Javed's catch of Gooch, 92 world cup..