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Is it too late to sign the Sachin Tendulkar for T20 WC petition?

by Gaurav Sethi

Looks like SRT for T20 WC petition just went down the toilet. India’s squad has been announced and he’s not in it. So is it too late to sign the petition? Far from it. If Mumbai Indians make the semis on the back of Sachin’s performances, we’ll be hearing from this petition. It will be put forward by the Mumbai Indians at the IPL. Bhogle and SMG will flash this petition instead of that 20/20 mag with MSD’s mug at you. And though you will be unable to sign it on TV, they will tell you how to go about it online. Of course, if Bangalore Royal Challengers make the cut, courtesy Dravid and Kumble, similar petitions will rise from the South. And if by some quirk of fate, Knight Riders win another game, thanks to their Dada, except a howling petition from the East. And what about the North you may ask – well, Chicken Tikka masala has already taken over Old Blighty, so just eat it!

As for now, just join the Thank You Sachin facebook group. It doesn't make any demands on Sachin.

1 comment:

straight point said...

lets have petition xi then...?