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Post Match Bakwaas by Khabeez Baja and Sandy Bandy Babe

by K

Bhen.... ! Khabeez Baja and Sandy Bandy Babe are irritating the hell out of me with their pre match and post match bakwaas. They crossed all limits with their chu.....yapa after the Delhi-Mumbai game. Yaar someone tell me why can't they get the tottas (babes) they had last year for the IPL pre-match & post-match analysis. Fair enough, they were not as knowledgeable as Sandy Bandy is now but atleast they were far prettier than Sandy Bandy, who I think is the Ma******* of Indian television. Bhen.... na shakal na soorat na body.

Khabeez ka bhi dimag kharab ho gaya hai. Sala besura chate ke neeche gaana gaa raha tha Ma******* ke saath. I'm surprised saale ki wig kaise nahi udi in such windy conditions.

Anyway, as long as Jatman's sena wins, I'm happy.

Jai Bhagwan Jat Balwaan (the official war cry of the Indian Army's Jat Regiment)


achettup said...

"as knowledgeable as Sandy Bandy"

People have been shot for saying lesser things

K said...

By "knowledgeable" i meant that at least she has got her basics right after being tutored for so many years. She knows the teams, players, the meaning of batting, bowling, fielding. In other words, her cricketing IQ is NOW higher than that of the average Indian woman. Mind you, I still can't stand her.

straight point said...

kya khunnas nikali hai boss!!