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Q Another Moment of IPL Match #36

by Q

Camera pans to Priety Zinta.

Commentators says, "Priety Shetty looks happy".

Realising his mistake, the commentator quickly corrected himself, "Priety Shetta I should say".

Thank God that people in the crowd do not get to listen to the commentary, otherwise Priety would have soon been found in the commentators box sinking her nails in that commentator's skin.

Surely Zinta would not appreciate being called a Shetty or being mistaken for Shilpa Shetty.

The commentator might think that whats in a name.

Exactly sir, for I didn't even recognise who you were. Not important enough I guess.

Priety is Zinta and you can't get away by getting that wrong!


Anonymous said...

she doesnt matter in the entire setup Q except jumping and hugging Yuvraj and Bret Lee.

Gaurav Sethi said...

blabbermouths are being paid by the word. often watch the odd over on mute, it's very relaxing.

As it is the crowds are mute too, you'll get the same dumb reaction whether the screen calls it out or not out.

Homer said...

Greg Blew It! Thats who!!!


Q said...

Sam: That is not the point of the post.

Q said...

NC: Lost the voice for a bit during the game... ur right, it was calm and relaxing :-)

Q said...

Homer: as I said, not important enough.