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Q Moment of IPL Match #47

by Q

How much do Chennai love Matthew Hayden?

Albie, Oram, Ntini they were all over him after the match.

Raina said "what a player Hayden is!"

Dhoni continues to praise him and call him "Haydos" in the wierdest way I've heard that name be said.

Loving the love across borders!


Gaurav Sethi said...

boy, we should get a bite of msd calling him haydos, and put it with this post, it sure is strange - like in some strange foreign tongue he speaks

Yenjie said...

Hey-Doss, with the last part rhyming with MS-DOS, but with an extra S at the end.

Q said...

U said it Yenjie.. that is exactly how he says it..

NC I like ur idea..