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Real IPL Player: DC vs KXIP match

by Som

Winter is setting in here but the giant IPL billboards across the city scream ‘Heat Is On’. Two hours in the hospitality area of the Wanderers Stadium and I know what they meant.

It was a Sunny day, even if Gavaskar wasn’t in the vicinity. There was a cushion on the chair but the sun was beating down on my thinning thatch, resulting in a dilemma, whether to pamper the bum or protect the head.

“All depends on what part of your body you love more,” volunteered my next-chair neighbour from left.

Turning right, I suddenly realised I was in august company, that too in May! Two ladies, including the head-turner just next to me, separate me from Banjo Casssim, the man in the eye of the 2000 match-fixing storm!

A journalist colleague of mine identify him and try to remind him of an old interview he had done with him. Banjo doesn’t really jump in joy after being traced, even though he does force a smile. Seconds later, he leaves in a huff.

Worse, with both the ladies in tow.

I hope the incident irrefutably establishes the sad fact that journalism remains essentially a dog-eats-dog world.

The match was okay but I actually was more eager for the strategy break. I was dying to know what the players do in the first five minutes of the seven-and-half-minute break that make them unwatchable on television for that period of time and has to be replaced by commercials.

To my relief, they don’t do anything obscene. Trust me, Yuvraj Singh doesn’t molest any cheeleader, spank Sreesanth or abuse Preity Zinta.

During the strategy break, the roller buzzes into action, smoothening the track. Seconds later, Ramesh Powar charges in warming-up.

Now, had they requested Powar to do the loosening up on the 22-yard track, that would have surely saved the organisers of rolling out that petrol-guzzling monster. But then few really care about energy conservation.


Gaurav Sethi said...

About the dilemma, you could have placed the cushion on yr head and sat on Banjo.

he still is a cushion, right?

Q said...

Banjo Cassim?

That too in the hospitality area.

Isnt that where Brad Hodge sat during the KKR-RCB game?

This is enlightening.

Som said...

NC, it may not seem so but I'm equally proud of my posterior and can't risk it placing on Banjo's lap.

Som said...

Q, exactly. They have I think some 225-30 hospitality suits and each can house around 30 people. Now these have been leased to the sponsors and franchisee owners and they are feel free to invite people they want. Now who let Banjo in is a matter under Real Player invetigation.

scorpicity said...

So the banjo music is playing in the IPL... Oh well, some things are starting to be explained.

Som said...

Scorpicity, the man insisted he has moved on in life. And when a journo wanted an unflattering question, his veiled threat was "Don't write about me, it won't be good for you."

sraghuna said...

Lalit Modi singing 'Hey Mr. Banjo man play a song for me ... & Mr.Cassim replies ... 'I'm not sleepy and there is no place I'm going to... to which modi's rejoinder goes 'Hey! Mr. Banjo Man, play a song for me,
In the jingle jangle morning I'll come followin' you.'!

Som said...

Sraghuna, I welcome the desi Bob Dylan. Spot on buddy.