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Real IPL Player: Spin, Gandhi and IPL

by Som

Back on my feet after eight never-ending hours in a flight from Dubai, I sort of shiverred the moment I land in Jo’burg. I reckon it’s IPL fever and since I know the medicine, there is nothing to worry.

Sam drives us from airport, warning time and again that flashing money in South Africa can be fatal. I certainly was not amused at his dig at Lalit Modi.

“Do visit the Gandhi museum also, since you came from India,” he advises.

I was startled, actually never felt Devang Gandhi did anything to merit a museum!

It dawned me minutes later that Sam was talking not about the opener but of the spinner of charkha.

Cabbies have been shouldering the traditional responsibility of being a stranger’s friend, philosopher and guide in an alien city and expect Sam to pop up time in Real IPL Players’ journey.


Q said...

Cabbies in an alien city can give u more than u want.. i've always been offered quite a few surprising stuff from cabbies - all worth it may I add ;-)

Enjoy ur stay. Look forward to your updates.

And as i said before, stay away from the Fake one!

Anonymous said...

ahh did i drive som from the airport and i dint even know :(

Fake IPL Player said...

hmmm, i have competition now.

straight point said...

great som...looking fwd to more 'scores'...if you are getting the drift... ;-)

Anonymous said...


I Hate FIP said...

righto dude don't ever flash money here.

i loved the 'spin' on gandhi tho. ;)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Devang Gandhi has been dug out of the recesses of my mind. What next a Gaekwad museum? And as both were openers, their museums will never close.

And yeah, my mind drifted to Sam the blogger. He sure has a lotta drive

Som said...

wish I could reply separately to all of you. Since I'm hadr pressed for time and have access to net only after 9 pm local time, let's go in a bunch.

Q: yet to run into the Fake One:)

Sam: Trust me, even I didn't know!

Fake, hair..I mean here I come!

SP: Pray for me.

Anyone: Lol here too.

IHFIP: I love I Hate FIP:)

NC: I agree wholeheartedly about Sam.