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Shiv crawls on

by Bored Guest

WI main middle order man - also the mean middle order man has been rather busy with something other than cricket

He hasn't noticed that they've started playing the one dayers against England.
Funny guy Shiv, didn't even remember losing the first one dayer.

Anyway, the Caribbean Crawler smashed an absolutely brilliant 68, the only problem it came off 108 balls while... chasing 329

He might have thought 'yep, this one looks like one of dem dead pitches from back home.... let's draw this one now.'
good goin Shiv....

Gayle needs to keep reminding him that the 50-50 games are on.
Cant help it if the IPL hangover is making the ODIs appear a little too long to watch or play.

by Prafs


Gaurav Sethi said...

They've lost interest - what do you expect, first the tests, then the ODIs, the Windie's attention span, if you can call it that, doesn't exceed 10 overs - that's why Gayle wins most t20s in the first 5 overs, and the rest somehow close it in another 5.

pRAFs said...

it's a shame, WIs level of cricket has gone down so drastically.
Noone, apart from Gayle is watchable...

Gaurav Sethi said...

For how long? Gayle's hardly there, makes run a ball 10s and 20s, and then runs along. He's on auto pilot, bowls a few, then doesn't, they should relieve him, before he relieves himself all over the team. A shitty situation indeed.

pRAFs said...

well said NC,
WI situation is actually quite grim,

and more thing... the selection baffles
fidel,the only guy who looks like he can take wickets, is dropped from the team.