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Want to know why Azhar really joined politics?

by Gaurav Sethi

We are repeating ourselves here, but then so is Azhar.

While we've run this Azhar contest twice before, and the entries were good enough to force Azhar's exit, it's never over till the final ball is bowled. And the final ball will never be bowled, for there is no final ball, there's always another ball and another game.

But that is not the point. We just asked you if you wanted to know why Azhar really joined politics.

And you said yes. You did say yes?

As we said earlier, at the risk of repeating ourselves, Azhar too is repeating himself. Enough.


It's out in print, and oddly enough it was because he distributed pamphlets that did not bear the Printer's name and address. See, he was never one to name drop.

"A case has been registered against Azharuddin after he distributed election pamphlets, which did not bear the name and address of publisher and printer, to voters in Badhapur village in Bijnore district on May 7," additional superintendent of police RK Raghuvanshi told IANS over phone.

Basically he's been booked for violating poll code.

As they say, uski poll khul gayee hai.

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