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Whither Icons?

by Viswanathan

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Fading icons of Indian cricket? provides an interesting analysis on the icons of IPL.

Yuvraj Singh and Dhoni, both from the younger generation appear to have redeemed themselves with their performance. However, in the case of Yuvraj his reputation as a batsmen stands suspect, but his reputation as a bowler stands enhanced with his double hat trick in IPL season 2.

Sadly, the performances of the other icons from the senior batch, namely Tendulkar, Dravid,Ganguly and Laxman have left them exposed. The Deccan Chargers have quietly gone about neutralizing Laxman. Dravid as usual is kicking, crying and sweating it out. Ganguly, has been shorn of the captaincy and is now reduced to shoring up his place as a batsmen. So most of these icons have already been defanged.

However, Tendulkar is one icon despite his poor performance and captaincy skills will prove tough to extract. It needs more than money and guts to neutralize the Mumbai Indian icon as he is also the icon of Team India.
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Q said...

Despite the poor performance of MI, Sachin is one of the leading run scorers.

He has def been one of the better Icons..

Gaurav Sethi said...

you must have seen the Kingfisher water ad, IPL specific - it has pics of players from 5 teams.

Bang in the centre is Sachin. The other players are like pygmies around him, looked at that ad for a few minutes, chkn out who all were in. Intend to do a post it.

That pic tells you who's boss, and that's regardless of current form.

Viswanathan said...


He is definitely one of the better icons, but he is certainly not the best player in IPL.

A man of his stature and hype, should have been at least Haydensque in his performance and played a dominant part in MI's performance.

All he has done has been to retain his personal reputation and his runs except for one knock has not led his team to victory.

Viswanathan said...


That is precisely the point I am trying to make. He is certainly media icon, however, when it comes to cricket he is just sleep -walking.:)

Q said...

Well when I said he was one of the better icons, I meant relative to the performances of the other icons - barring Dhoni, he's done better than Yuvu, Sehwag, Ganguly, Dravid..

As compared to other int'l batsmen, he's been lacking, I agree...