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by Bored Guest

The day is not far when countries like USA, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Korea, Poland, etc will start sending their strong men to play cricket; shots hit beyond 80 m will get counted as 8s, beyond 90 m as 9s and beyond 100 as 10s. Chucking will be legalised. Each team will have two sub teams - one hitters, one chuckers and umpires will stop standing inside the field or if they do, they'll also start wearing helmets. Howzatt will be replaced by WTF!
And we'll all be saying Thank You, Lalit Modi!

by Dheeraj Kunzru


Yenjie said...

It will happen sooner than you think, if the strong men from these countries see the photos of the Panama Women's Cricket Team.

Anonymous said...

AM ??

Q said...

WTF!? Haha.. I like that idea of an appeal..

That'll be some viewing.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Welcome on bored Dheeraj!

Why not teri ma ki?

Q said...

Hahaha!! Imagine this appeal: "Teri ma kiiiiiii kaisa thaaaaa!"


How the F*ck was THAT!??


What the F*ck was THAT!?