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Bored in Dubai - Live Update 2

by bored cricket crazy indians

40-1 : come in from the loo to hear some serious noise. Of course , Smith's gone to the dugout and am sure Q's digging it all. Can't see him tho' , ah there he is , right in front of the screen. "Jeetega bhai jeetega pakistan jeetega " erupts like a loud volcano. - I come back to down my cool Guinness magma. Gibbs just got a four , and blve it or not one of the sighers of disappointment at that boundary is Raja B - talk of world peace and bhaichara , has it really got this big? - and HaNG ON - HE'S BOWLED !! Hershelle is history , its Boom Boom day . These capslock can not adeqtly capture the jubilation here - jesus I can't hear myself think. ! 47-2 , YES TWO !

by Bhaskar Khaund
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