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Bored in Dubai - Live update 9 - or Salam Pakistan !

by Bored Guest

Salam Pakistan ,! what were the odds when the WC started ? No game in 2008 , no IPL in 2009 , near pariahs since 2006 - perhaps no Indian can very TRULY enjoy a Pak win (and vice versa) but I grant you this Q - take a big bow on behalf of your boys , no one can ever equal your guys when it comes to fighting with your backs against the wall , none - salute n admire this peformance - no one deserves this slot more - in our deepest hearts , all indians know it - and how many have I had ?
Bhaskar Khaund
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Gaurav Sethi said...

About the backs to the wall comment that's very true. If there was a game of cricket ever played in a Wall, no prizes for guessing who'll win that

Gaurav Sethi said...

And yeah, that was one helluva series man

Q said...

Awesome Bhaskar! going through all the updates right now made me relive the atmosphere that was there at Time C. Just too f*cking awesome!

Thanks for turning up and thanks for capturing it here on bored!

straight point said...

from delhi...bored has now moved on to'on you chennai...mumbai guys what are you waiting for...?

cracker of series bhaskar...great show!!!

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Thanks SP ! and you NC - glad the coordination came out right ...Q : are you regreting all those Colas now ? It was great fun ...took me back to WC 2003 when we followed almost the whole tourney and certainly all the india games at the seaman club next door....that used to have one sri lankan bartender and around 75-80 sloshed indian fans cheering every win ...SP , you have a point ..maybe we can coordinate on some match with Bored members for different places putting updates..