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C'mon Jhansi Ki Ranis

by K

India still in with a chance albeit in the women's competition. Will anyone be following that one.

C'mon Jhansi Ki Ranis (Indian women) you've won numerous international beauty pageants, it's now time to take the world of cricket by storm.

Durga Mata Ki Jai Ho


Bhaskar Khaund said...

Go gals go ..hope you have better luck than Jharkhand Ka Raja :-)

straight point said...

while whole nation was buring themselves in the 'agni kund' of world cup disaster...our eves were doing the job quietly...

cheers to them...cheers to women power...!!!

pRAFs said...

anyone know where i can watch the match?
I believe there's no broadcast in India for the ladies matches.

Krish said...

Seems that the Indian women can't beat the Kiwis either.