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The Dubai Bored Chapter & The LUMS Connection

by Q

Khizer Bilal, Fahd Salam, Najia Habib, Afan Nabi Malik, Taimur Shera, Ashab Naeem, Umar Khan, Runaas Deheem, Qazi Owais, Kiran Khan, and I at the Time Cafe at Ramee Royal in Dubai.

That sounds like a mini LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences, where we all went for our undergraduate degrees) reunion, but that is not what it was.

The occasion was the World Twenty20 semi final between Pakistan and South Africa, where all of us were joined by Natasha, Sabrina, Mohi, Sonya, Amir Shera, Runi's wife and friends, Amir Rehan, Shikin, Bhaskar, and Raja B, to cheer Pakistan into the final!

The last 3 mentioned being Indians who were there in support of Pakistan as much as we were.

And the last 2 mentioned, Bhaskar and Raja B, were there to finally open the Bored Chapter in Dubai!

Bhaskar was there, blackberry in tow, providing LIVE updates of the happenings right here on BCC!

Raja has also captured the experience of that evening, right here.

10 years to this date, almost (20th June 1999), the above mentioned LUMS contingent along with many others had gathered together at the Sayeed Saigol auditorium to witness another cricket world cup final.

That day, Steve Waugh's men shattered all our dreams and hopes.

Men crying outside the Sayeed Saigol, in the courtyard, and every corner of LUMS on that unforgettable day is a sight still etched in my memory.

Last night, even though it was not a final, rather Pakistan's march into one, that was not to be.

The emotions we all went through during the match cannot be described in words.

Every run scored, and every wicket taken was celebrated as if we were in the field with the Afridis and Guls.

Every Afridi wicket brought about an Afridiesque pose from the crowd, every good over was met with cheers of 'jeetaga bhayee jeetega, Pakistan jeetega', every blunder was frowned upon and cursed, every moment that brought Pakistan close to victory was witnessed with stress and hope.

Once Pakistan triumphed, it all ended in high fives and hugs.

The fact that last night's match was experienced with all the people mentioned, made victory all the more special.

Come Sunday, here's hoping that Pakistan fulfill their and our 10-year old dream of lifting a world cup trophy at Lord's!

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Gaurav Sethi said...

Three different versions now, and all three are like music videos. Disco Cricket!