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Early Bored Call - West Indies vs. Sri Lanka

by Gaurav Sethi

Gayle will fail, about time he did. He's already won two games, and one of them wasn't even a warm-up. Once Gayle fails, so will his boy Fletcher. Be down to hard times for Sarwan and Co vs. the Lankan slowpokes. The game could even see Mendis-Murali- Sanath-Dilshan bowl as many as 12 overs between them. Looking at the Lankan quicks, Malinga aside, from a purely aesthetic pov, they should not bother with more than 2-4 overs between them. Let them open if Malinga doesn't want to. So, slowpokes 12 (if not more) overs, 4 Malinga, and play the rest by ear.

Be watchable if Dilshan comes off again, and if Sanath does too that's a Diwali Bonus. But honestly, the Lankan batting is working class, and not even Hero. In spite of that, they should win this match of no consequence.


Damith S. said...

We are predicting a rout, and more toys for Mendis to play with.

raj said...

Uh, NC, you got it all right. Except tht Gayle sat out completely thus cocking a snook at his destiny(and you) who had marked this game out as a downer for him.Now, he'll be starting afresh again in the Super 8's so their first opponents in the Super 8's are doomed! Who is that? England?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Yes, your Mendis looks like a wicked little boy again - not the ipl kid ragged on his first day at school.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Raj, Next game India, and we know how goes nuts against us. Even 7 ODIs aren't enough for him.

England look healthier than ever, that's what Wright on top's done. And then KP. And spin too.