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El Worthy - The worthy one?

by Bored Guest

Noticed that Steve is being praised across blogs, and it is almost as if they are all calling him El Worthy in the context of organizing the tournament. This is a classic case of hindsight determining evaluation.

Notice how many times we had a schedule like this:

3 matches in a day. 2 on the same ground. These are consecutive. The third one starts in a different ground. Now, suppose the rain delays the first match, then it eats into the second match on the same ground. Now, consider an alternate schedule: Match 1 in ground 1 first, immediately followed by Match 2 in ground 2, then Match 3 in ground 1.
Suppose rain affects only Ground 1, then you have a decent chance of the first match being rained out not affecting the other matches.

Just because the planets aligned for this situation not to happen, Elworthy has become El Worthy.

Hindsight is valuable, indeed.

by Raj


Anonymous said...

some things should be praised. Ppl have this knack of criticising everything under the sun

straight point said...

...and why you want to take our right to criticize anon...? ;-)

scorpicity said...

What exactly is this one about? Have gone into hiding and hence...

raj said...

Just that the tournament scheduling wasnt that fool proof or wonderful for which Steve Elworthu is receiving so much praise. It could easily have gone wrong - and I am suggesting an alternative schedule which would have mitigated even teh risk scenario I'm outlining.
Basically, Steve didnt mitigate a risk, and luckily for him, the risk didnt happen. So, praising him for great scheduling is off the mark. A good manager anticipates and mitigates possible risks - even if that doesnt happen, that mitigation planning marks him out as a good manager.