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Interesting observations about the FODP

by RajaB

The Fake One down Player has been quiet for a while.

No steamy press conferences, no insightful releases on BCC!. This is part of what he calls the inter-inspection period (Oh, we call it introspection). For him it is a period of inspecting others (teammates and press), watching them carefully, figuring out who the new Jatman would be.

While FODP is observing inter-inspection, Yuvraj Singh has come out with a couple of things.

a) He thinks he is scoring runs, and as someone who is playing well at the moment he would like to bat up in the order.

You can't move Yuvraj so up that he replaces a Gambhir or a Rohit. So who does he wants to replace, FODP ?? Obvious, right ??

Ok, if you thought that was just wishful thinking from Yuvraj. Take a look at his second statement. It is more damning.

b) He says, "We can't say Dhoni is not a good batsman because he failed in one (?? one ??) innings. He has played many great innings for India in the past. You need to give him some time and once he crosses 10-15 runs he will once again win matches for India."

This means two things

1) Give him some time till he crosses 10 again. Meaning, that is what this idiot can score right now, leave him alone. Let him play at his own pace and score his 10 s and 15 s

2) Hopefully we bat second and he comes so low down the order that only 2-3 overs remain and some 11-16 runs to win. He can then play all 18 balls and score those 11-18 and win matches for India

Wah wah... Yuvi we never thought you are such a brilliant thinker of the game. Brilliant man, keep it up !!

PS: Is Yuvraj the new Jatman ??


Ankit Poddar said...


isn't Yuvraj, the Jat-twang?!

So, why make him the new Jatman?! But those were interesting observations by yuvi!

RajaB said...

Ankit, the new Jatman in the sense that he might fill in for the the original henceforth.

The punch bag for FODP...

raj said...

No, RajaB. This is brilliant rug-pulling under Dhoni's feet by the prince!
The conference should read
"We cannot say Dhoni is a bad batsman Hint hint, he isnt doing well ,is he, you guys are going to make it a big issue, arent you . Give him some time yeah,he's been sorted out, he's going to have to work hard right? You are going to write a separate article on that, arent you? If not, take the hint . Once he crosses 10-15 runs ha ha the bugger, his luck has run out hasnt it? Aint I glad? Dhoni boy, let's see you cross 15 ha ha

This is stuff worthy of Chanakya!