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Fake One down Player

by RajaB

Breaking news: Jatman is on his way back

BCC! is privy to a press statement the “Fake One down Player” will read out (alone) tomorrow morning.

This is what we have for you…

I am sure the irresponsible Indian media will write and show nonsense tomorrow. And it will keep repeating it again and again.

What else do they know?

They will say I put so much of responsibility on a senior player’s shoulder that it gave up.

What should I say??

It was an old shoulder, a bald shoulder. Let it go and I will still win the cup…

I neither want to rehearse another speech (my friends would write for me) nor do I want to lead another procession down the press room (bunch of jokers they).

I am sure the Indian cricket fan is supporting me and would do so till I bring the cup back home.

Jatman is (was) a valuable asset to the team, his loss is irreplaceable unless it is a wicketkeeper who replaces him (luckily it is and I can be a captain, a captain alone!!).

The only problem I had with Jatman was that he got out too soon, which meant too many dot balls for me to play. I am sure he will shoulder more responsibility when he gets his shoulder back and occupies the crease for at least 9 overs. That would also give me enough opportunities to remain not out and attain a higher average.

PS: Dilliwalon, never say “Teri Maki (1), Jatman ko (2) vaapas bej diya”. I would put an “and” between the two (I have marked those two for your reference) and get you guys into trouble. Mind it !!

1 comment:

raj said...

Hilarious, Raja B. It is amazing that Ponting merely 'politely' saying "you shouldnt be in the same room as me" villifies him permanently while our FODP remains a mass darling after such arrogant behaviour(no matter what the provocation - it is not as if players havent been provoked by media in the history of Cricket - and they didnt even have the reputation of Mr.Cool). I mean, the history of Cricket is witness to far more temparamental guys dealing with far more irritating intrusions - and a man with a captain cool image breaks down for one fake story?
Dhoni and his fans are getting away with murder.