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India ( - Jatman) vs West Indies (+/- the coolest Jamaican)

by Bored Guest

Amidst all the verbal jousting between Sri Lanka and Pakistan the Bored Members might have forgotten that Indians face a serious threat in the form of West Indies

Apart from Gayle, the windies dont really have a batsman who can carry out a sustained attack on the opposition but if the Dude gets going....... good luck to the bowlers
the fielding is rather pathetic, not that India has been any better this series.
What i am afraid of is Fidel and Taylor opening the bowling.
If the fast men get it right, life could get a bit difficult for the Indian Batsmen.
However, they do have the tendency to err in their lines n lengths
If things go well at the beginning, then india might be able to take the attack to the rest of the bowling.

As for India, Zaheer's spell in the last match was a relief, but that was only ireland
Gayle and co will be a different proposition altogether
the death bowling definitely needs improvement.
The middle order must get a decent hit, the business end of the tournament is here.

So lets wait and watch which team turns up to face India, Callypso Kings or Collapso Kings.

by Prafs

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