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Mr. 47.82%

by Bored Guest

International T20 Strike Rate of Explosive Batsman & Captain of India before the WC game vs WI = 105.27

Strike Rate of Mr. 3 Litres-Dhoodh-per-day in yesterday's match:47.82%

by Raj


Gaurav Sethi said...

Yeah MSD's T20 sr isn't too hot, nor is his test sr. Have compared it to Jatman's for a while, and there really isn't any comparison. But one is a star player, the other a tarred player.

RajaB said...

We still have people arguing that he had a strike rate in the HIGH 40's !!

raj said...

Still, we must rejoice that he gives more than 100%(105.27 to be precise) to india in every match!