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Nothing is as corny and deceptive…

by RajaB


Imagining a world where thiefs say “Guys don’t steal, it is bad”

The day when politicians decide to put an end to politics

A lion saying I have had enough of meat, bring my vegetarian meal on

A dog saying I am fed up with my bent tail, here I go straightening it up

A monkey saying, No more monkeying

The Pneumatic drill saying “Guys please don’t make noise”

A wife saying I’ve had enough of my soaps, here comes cricket for you darling

A husband telling his wife, “Honey you would resemble Cinderella if I bought you that diamond necklace”

The Fake One down Player asking his team not to Fake injuries


Gaurav said...

Oh please!!

straight point said...

hahaha...nice buildup to the fake point... :)