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West Indians in an East Indian team

by RajaB

Rohit Sharma

Abishek Nair

Yusuf Pathan

Ravindra Jadeja

Here's to being Bored Beyond, Being Bored !!

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raj said...

You forgot rabijndra ramnarain singh from trinidad

Homer said...

What about the North Indians and the South Indians?

RajaB said...

@ Raj: We only counted the players. Anyways, do we call Rabindra Ramnarain a support staff ?? We only call him part of the touring party !!

@ Homer: Let me remind you, "This is the Westindies tour" All other Indians are just "brothers and sisters, who come along" !!

Krish said...

The West Indies is mostly a group of islands. So you probably need to find the real "West Indians", i.e., who come from Lakshadweep or Andaman & Nicobar. :-)

RajaB said...

@ Krish: Westindies is the collective name given to a group of island countries, so I would rather replace "mostly" with "only". To add to this, WI is probably the only multi-national sports team that keeps it multi-national identity through the year (Teams in other sports like team Great Britan, take shape only for the Olympics and so on... Ironically the Westindian isles have individual teams representing countries there, Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell etc. run for Jamaica and not for WI...)

If we strictly go by that island defenition then only Rohit Sharma would qualify. Bombay is an island in a way...

Lakshadweep might qualify as a west Indian island, we might have to leave Andamans out. It is an Eastindian island !!

BTW, the definition in the post was more to do with our cricket regionalisation... North, East, West, South, Central Zones according to BCC!

Krish said...

Nice research, RajaB! I wonder if they play cricket in Lakshadweep. Maybe our own Brian Lara or Curtly Ambrose.