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What Were You Thinking Bravo?

by Q

First you get you get Gambhir, Dhoni, and the Pathan bros.

Then you come out to bat and smash Ojha, Bhajji, and Ishant around.

For good measure you even hit Zak out of the ground to end the game.

You do remember that Bhajji and Zak are your team mates don't you?

Did you know that Sachin was watching you from the stands?

What were you thinking!?

He wouldn't like what you did to his Mumbai Indians.

Oh wait, you're a Mumbai Indian too.

So were you trying to impress Sachin?

Were you playing for him?

Did you thank him after your man of the match performance?

1 comment:

Gaurav Sethi said...

What's incredible about Bravo is he doesn't give a rat's ass, even though he made the right IPL sounds, but that's a given.

He gotta take y'days innings into today's game - and Gayle gotta bat him two down again, who knows even one down. He should be batting 20 overs today, hopefully Fletcher will be out in the first over.