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What would have South Africa done?

by Q

If it were South Africa playing New Zealand instead of Sri Lanka, then despite winning all its previous games and looking like the best team on paper, South Africa would have made sure they didn't qualify for the semi finals.

They did it in 2007.

Sri Lanka showed them how not to do it in 2009.

So then, how many teams (besides Australia) have reached the semis unbeaten and gone on to play the final?


Anonymous said...

India did it in 2003 if you leave out the Australia game. Pakistan did it in 1999 if you leave out India and BD game :)

fun apart, SL must thank 3 Ms for its journey to the semis. Cos the batsmen havent been that successful in posting high scores. Just presence of Murali, Mendis and Malinga they have been able to defend below par scores of 150, 144 and 159. Something which Australia couldnt defend and India couldnt defend and chase.

Q said...

Pakistan also lost to SA in 1999 .. so hardly unbeaten..

India lost to only Aus in the 2003 cup..

Sri Lanka reached the 96 WC Final unbeaten and won the final as well :-)

WI did the same in 1975 and 79.

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Q - what think for the SAF-PAK game ? You guys got two things going for you - your team's unpredictability and Saffer's big occasion chokeability - shud be a cracker of a game..

Q said...

Going by how SA fared against India's part time spinners today, I think we have a chance.. only if we defend a total.. if we are chasing.. then even 120-130 might be tough to get..