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Another reason to call it Teri Maa Ki!!

by Gaurav Sethi

Ponting beyond Border, Bhajji beyond it.

Look deep within, you will know it’s no longer the Border Gavaskar Trophy, those days are long gone. And it just doesn’t sound right to call it the Singh Ponting or the Bhajji Ricky Trophy.

What better than Teri Maa ki!! It’s gotta ring to it, it’s a call to arms, and a farewell to sanity: basically everything you want a hard fought test series to be.

Who knows it may even ignite something in this soft as snow Aussie side. These days, their collapses make Pakistan’s appear almost dignified.

Hauritz broke a finger, so did Haddin, Johnson lost his mind, so did Hussey, the Aussies need a little inspiration. Bring on the bad memories.

Where is Symonds when you need him?

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