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Axemen Inc - The inaguration

by Bored Guest

…because the cricket’d be a poor game with artists alone

…because it is not about the methods, stupid; it’s the results

…because someone’s got to eke out the ugly runs

…heck, because they can’t score runs in any other way

…they axe, they grind, they dig, they plough

…they are the axemen, yeah

…they are the axemen; they are the axemen

…one lied of a dead grandma to skip a match

…the other lied (down in rest) to skip a test tour

…they pick; they choose

…they are soulmates, our axemen

…it’s an exclusive club, rarer than the hall of fame

…so rare only two men make it to the club today.

...or are they just one?

Morton Singh Dhoni. Founder Member. Axemen Inc. (copyright BCC!)

by Raj


Gaurav Sethi said...

Fundu Raj! First lines a killer.

The Axe Ineffect - so it will be known as.

straight point said...

cracker of a list...every team has its axemen coz as you said you need someone to do the ugly...dirty job too...

raj said...

yeah, SP. They show us the value of the artists :-)
As for their impact, sometimes its great. Sometimes,as we found out in T20 WC, they can hamper the team as well.
So, it would be reverse snobbery to say that the artists arent as effective as axemen.

NC, Axe ineffect :lol:

RajaB said...

Axellent I say !! Keep it coming...

Late Inswing said...

Raj - Did not see this Morton chap in action till now (3rd ODI)

He is all that you call him and more.
The ball hitting bat sounds like metal on timber