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‘Certainly a woody sound’

by Gaurav Sethi

Here you go again, Kamran Akmal has opened his account: First over, first drop. The account comes with a high interest, he dropped Sanath 40+ Jayasuriya. The way it is with Sanath, Akmal could see him at the crease for a long, long time – another few years at least. How tough was it opening the account: Nothing really, Sanath gently dabbed it on the leg side, and Akmal had to make no effort whatsoever to drop it. Even skip, Younis was amused, all teeth. Certainly what you expect from Akmal. Broke the bank again!

You can go here to enjoy the debate over Kamran Akmal between Pakistani and Indian bored members, really quite funny. As was the 'woody comment' by Rameez Raja.

Now Razzaq's missed Sanath's skier, missed Rameez's comment too. For PG Woodhouse and B Khaund on skiers, here you go

Rameez on Razzaq - "he was at handshaking distance from the batsman, he could see him, maybe that put him off"

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