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From Jayasuriya to Warnapura

by Gaurav Sethi

Warnapura scored 243 runs, (one century, two fifties) vs. India in five innings last July. From what I recall, he had a bit of Jayasuriya in him. He batted left-handed, opened the innings, and went for everything, and your mother too!

Then the Lankans didn’t pick him for the first three ODIs when he was on song. Instead they had Sanath and Sanga open, Warnapura came in for the 4th and 5th ODIs. Back then I thought it was stupid not to pick a form opener. Little exclusions like that can break a player - if I'm not picked now, when will they, when I'm 60 years' old?, to warp a Sachinism.

Here at Bored, Damith (our Lankan Bored Member) along with the rest of them, love taking the Mickey outta Malinda (Warnapura). Today, he came in all AK47s blazing, shooting at will, like the madcap I remember from that forgettable series.

Anyway, whether Sanath can play ODIs well into his 40s is not the question – is it time for Lanka to break the umbilical cord with their favourite son?

Could mean more faith in guys like Warnapura, who aren’t exactly in their teens. FYI he’s 30 plus. That should mean another ten years in Lankan cricket, right?


Unknown said...

Sadly Pakistan lost, but congratulations Sri Lankans! :)
I don't grudge you the victory, SL obviously played better.

Q said...

Warnapura played tests against Pakistan this Feb as well and blazed away..

Gaurav Sethi said...

Husha, looks like Pak played worse. Strange series alright.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Q, he's still played only 3 ODIs, already 30 - it's a strange policy that Lankan cricket has, they just don't want to let go. Guess that's a subcontinental thing.