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How the "Doosra" got killed in Australia.

by Bored Guest

After Shane Warne's retirement the Aussie's are facing a serious drought of spinners, since they do not have any world class spinners at present the latest crop of their batsmen is seriously deficient in handling quality spin hence compounding their problems.

In order to find a solution, last month Cricket Australia center of Excellence in Brisbane organised a spin summit in which Shane Warne, Stuart MacGill, Jim Higgs, Gavin Robertson, Terry Jenner, Peter Philpott and Ashley Mallett were present as delegates.

The agenda of the summit was to discuss the problems faced by the Australian cricket team in the spin department and to find an effective solution.

All the delegates unanimously agreed to the solution and he Doosra got killed in Australia.

One of the delegates pointed out the mediocrity of Australia's current crop of spinners and raised the question that why our spinners haven't been able to master the "Doosra" when Asian Spinners have moved on to "Teesra" and "Chowtha"?

Terry Jenner said " the solution is simple, lets coach our bowlers.

All of a sudden everybody looked toward Shane Warne.

SW " Why are you fucktards looking toward me? I am a leggie and besides I have always said that "Doosra" is not legal."

Terry Jenner " is there anybody else who can coach our spinners these mystery balls.

Staurt MacGill said "I am also a leggie so don't look at me.

Ashley mallett said "I have never seen anybody bowl a doosra so how can I coach it."

After a brief silence, Terry Jenner said "how about we propose ICC to limit one Doosra per over, remember when our batsmen couldn't face the bouncers bowled by the West Indian bowlers in eighties, one bouncer an over limit really helped us."

Shane Warne: But Asian teams will still have an unfair advantage over us as our bowlers don't know how to bowl the "Doosra". I'm telling you guys Doosra is not legal lets just banish it in Australia and propose ICC to banish this delivery.

Terry Jenner: But Shane how is it illegal? When the bowlers are bowling within 15 degree limit.

SW: Damn you fucktards you will never understand. Murali is a chucker they are all chuckers and if you don't do anything now that master chuckster is going to take 1000 test wickets.

Terry: But Shane we are not discussing Murali here.

Shane: I am telling you there is no other solution lets kill the "Doosra".
If we can't bowl it and can't coach our bowlers to bowl it, lets banish it.
Lets take all the unfair advantage from other teams, thats the only way we can become #1 cricket team in the world again.

by Wasim


straight point said...

hahaha wasim...deadly post...

they are not only facing the drought of spinners but subsequently their current crop of batsmen also struggling against they don't have game for it...

raj said...

Deadly, Wasim. You know what, this is not a joke. Knowing the principals, this is exactly how it must have panned out.

In a few years, they might suggest banning off spinners altogether, and then, once Warne is just a 50-year old balding creep, and all memories of leg spin have been banished from oz, ban spinners altogether!
"If you can't beat them, ban them"
(Hey this could be a post so more of Aussies can note this and we can gloat at them, and they can whine away!)

Wasim said...

Thanks SP

It's pathetic isn't it?
You ban a delivery altogether because there is no one in Australia who ever mastered it.

I think the Aussie's are going to make a move against the delivery in ICC in near future.

Wasim said...


The grapes are sour for them.

straight point said...

yes wasim the possibility can't be ruled out...

lets see who bowls doosra today...

botha is banned...
ajmal was warned...
murli retiring...
this leaves only bhajji who is successfully bowling it without getting into trouble...but long...?